Hi, I'm Pamy!

I am here to help you break FREE from being the spectator of your own life and guide you to create an action plan that makes you feel fulfilled.

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Listen, I am not here to say I know it all, I don’t. No one does! But, by sharing my REAL, unfiltered experiences, you can take the shortcuts to a much EASIER path for yourself! 

I now run my own online life and business coaching company and specialize in helping ambitious high achievers that refuse to settle, do the same for themselves. 

But it hasn’t always been this way! I worked my butt off for years after years chasing a dream that wasn’t even my own, just because I relied too much on other people’s opinions, permissions, and validation. 

I was painfully aware that I was wasting my time and potential if I stayed trapped in my current rut, and that drove me CRAZY!

Because of it

I isolated myself, refused to go out, and was completely disinterested in engaging with anyone because I had no energy left and low key felt angry that no one understood how dissatisfied, let down, and miserable I felt by my choices.

I felt like I had no say and no control; I was watching my own life unfold from the sidelines!

I was DESPERATE for a change, I knew I had potential and wasready to take MASSIVE ACTION. The only thing holding me back was my extremely low self-esteem and confidence that kept me feeling frustrated, lost, and too overwhelmed to even know where to start.

Please tell me you can relate?



I isolated myself, refused to go out, and was completely disinterested in engaging with anyone because I had no energy left and low key felt angry that no one understood how dissatisfied, let down, and miserable I felt by my choices.


I could have taken ownership of my own life. Stopped whining. Refused to settle. CHOOSE to CREATE my own life rather than just letting it happen to me.  

So I made a choice.
I chose to not let fear stop me from chasing my dreams and JUST went for it!


Because I know how lost and overwhelming it is to try to figure it ALL out yourself. 

Trust me, I’ve been there, I get you! You just want freedom and happiness! 

But it is terrifying to face your fears, change your mindset, and pivot your life 180 degrees! 

I was the girl that read every article, downloaded every freebie, and still made every mistake known to man. 

It took me time, effort, and work with the RIGHT strategies to get a headstart. 

But, when you are hungry for more in life, nothing can stop you from getting there! 

I KNOW you are fully capable to do whatever you set your mind to do, and I think you do too deep down.

That is exactly why I created MINDSET E.I., for people like us! Those with drive, a vision, and better standards for themselves, those that are ready to unlock their full potential! 

All I do is simply help you FAST TRACK the process by guiding you to figure out what you even want, face your roadblocks/struggles/fears face on, and assist you in creating a strategic action plan to get you where you want to be, so that your dreams can become your reality! 

Can you imagine how you would FEEL and what would be POSSIBLE for you if you DID achieve all your goals?

I am here to show you, YOU CAN!

For me it is not at all aboutselling you on all the bells/whistles/freebies/bonuses or what my course can do, it is all about what YOU can do with my course that I can ’t wait to see. 

So…Are you done just talking about it? Are you ready to take the leap and create the life you’ve always wanted?



  • My personality type: 
    • DISC Dominant Myers Briggs The protagonist/ the advocate Enneagram Type 8 & 4 
  • I CANNOT skip my sleep without transforming into an ogre the next day 

  • I have been known to share in-depth details about something that no one cares about or would ever talk about 

  • I am an insatiable learner  

  • I LEGIT spent well over 10 hours straight explaining to my grandparents how a business can actually be online #Istilldontthinktheygetit 

  • I went full CRAZY to join every honors group in my last semester of university just to get cords and medals thinking it would have actually made a difference and ended up looking like a dang Christmas tree on my graduation day, impressive, huh?!

  • I LOVE the outdoors, traveling, and exploring
  • I can’t quite find a happy medium between being #supergirly or a #totaltomboy
  • I am the voice behind my dog Violet’s conversations with everyone #theresnoway
  • I go from extrovert to introvert in lighting speed when there are too many people around
  • I am Italian if you hadn’t guessed it already 😉 and yes I do love pizza!
  • I am a very angry driver #moveover
  • ♀ I LOVE animals and I swam with sharks, stingrays, and dolphin 


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