Top Skills That are Proven to Land you a Job in Social Media Marketing

If you are reading this article, more than likely it would be because of two main reasons:

  • You are a business owner trying to market your business on your own
  • You are trying to learn marketing to start a career, whether it is for someone else or for yourself

Whichever the case might be, welcome! I am here to help you.

As reported by Ryan Holmes (the CEO of Hootsuite) there is a huge skill gap nowadays when it comes to social media marketing and that results in billions of dollars of lost opportunities.

What if you want to start a career in social media marketing?

Thankfully because of the lack of education offered out there, there are also huge opportunities for you to really master your skill and take advantage of it.

Listen, even if you are not interested in starting your own agency or freelancing, you should always try to refine your marketing skills to the very best of your ability; after-all technology is ever-changing and because social media marketing is a very sought after career choice lately, soon the competition will be very high.

So, what types of jobs are there out there?

There are many options for you:

  • Copywriter
  • Video producer
  • Content manager
  • Influencer manager
  • Community manager
  • Social media editor
  • Blogger
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Specialist
  • Director
  • Digital media manager
  • Engagement manager

And the list goes on and on…just do a simple google search and you’ll see thousands of results for jobs focused on social media marketing.

Even though each position is different, most of them will require you to have common skill sets.

So, let’s go over a few of the top skills employers are looking for when you are looking for a career in marketing or any other field as a matter of fact.

Common skills in demand:

  • Creativity
  • Organization
  • Adaptability
  • Decisiveness
  • Determination
  • Sales all-star
  • Efficient
  • Great communication skills
  • Top notch customer service
  • Community management
  • Good writing skills
  • Keeping an eye on trends
  • Able to read analytics reports
  • Time management
  • Market research
  • Product knowledge
  • Resourceful

Keep in mind that these skills listed are just some of the many that you should be able to develop to enhance your competence in the field.

If you want to be able to be on top of your game at all times, you need to take the matter in your own hands and keep informed on all the latest and greatest trends.

There are many options for you to be able to take your knowledge a step forward and be able to be proactive in finding real-time updates, ideas, and inspirations.

You can actually subscribe for free to some newsletters or blogs that keep you informed on all you need to know…

These are the four sites I love and tend to go to the most, and there are many other options for you out there:

  1. Social Media Examiner
  2. Later
  3. Social Sprout
  4. Hootsuite

Remember, just because someone is on social media it does not mean that they know how to run a marketing strategy for a company or that they are a social media expert in general.

The most important point and take away from this article is to be resourceful with anything you do in life, in my opinion, it is the answer to everything.

Mainly in this free information era, if you don’t know something, it is a choice because you are able to find out almost anything with a simple google search or youtube video. Of course while applying common sense and being able to filter out information that is relevant and that comes from a trustworthy source.

Author – Pamy Vee

The Best Advice you Could Hear About Marketing

Today you will learn about the 3 types of media: owned, earned, and paid!

Wait…there are different types of media?

When you are a marketer, or when you are trying to set up your own marketing strategy, you have to know and understand the difference between these 3 types of media and how to mix and match them to get the perfect combination for success.

Here are the 3 types of media:

1. Owned media (web properties):

When I say owned media is any media that a company owns: such as a blog, a website, or any social media profile managed by that company. It is the content a brand created on their own.


  • Website
  • Blog site
  • Mobile site
  • Social media profiles

2. Earned media (shared content):

When we mention earned media, we are referring to what your audience is saying about your company, whether it is verbally or digitally. This type of media includes all the comments, content created by others about your brand, mentions, press, blog posts, or whatever is being published by your audience.


  • Shares
  • Mentions
  • Reposts

3. Paid media (marketing and advertising):

While paid media is obviously the type of media you pay for, like, commercials on TV, the press you paid for, the radio mentioning your brand because you paid them, digital marketing like pay per click, ads, and paid influencers social media advertising. This type of media is essentially the marketing that you are paying for.


  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • Google Adwords
  • Retargeting
  • Influencers
  • Content promotion
  • Social media ads

How should you use these 3 types of media and what is the winning recipe?

  1. When you combine owned and earned media – it helps you with SEO, sharing, and traffic.
  2. If you combine earned and paid media – it helps you to encourage your audience to share and engage when you run paid promotions.
  3. But if you combine paid and owned media – you will gain more exposure with SEO and PPC.

So, in order to have the winning recipe when it comes to your marketing strategy, one that really rewards you with a ton of traffic and client growth, you need to be able to work with all 3 types of media together.

The winning combination is …

Yes! All 3 of them, no shortcuts…

This will allow you to have access to a much wider reach than if you were to only pick one or the other.

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What’s your homework?

Try to come up with a plan that creates engaging content through owned media and focus on a target audience with paid media.

If you do this, you can increase the chance of your audience sharing your content because they now like, know, and trust you.

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Author – Pamy Vee

The Anatomy of Marketing – PART 2 – Metrics

Social media metrics

Ahhhh….metrics…gotta love ‘em!

You’re scratching your head thinking you did everything you possibly could to set up your business, your baby, and now nothing is happening. No sales, appointments, or consultations are heading your direction.

Why? What could possibly be going wrong? Is it the website, the social media, the product itself, the email campaigns? Well, the number one thing to be able to analyze the situation and be able to tell if you are doing a good job or not is to understand and measure your metrics.

In order to know when or how to take corrective action to a setup going horribly wrong, first you need to understand where the problem lies.

In social media, there are many metrics in order for you to know whether or not what you are doing is working.

Today we will be going over a few of the most common ones used in SMM:


this is the number of people that saw your brand’s post on social media.


the number of times a person tags your business on a social media post.

Social media ROI:

this is the measurement of the value you are getting from your SMM campaign. This is the calculation of profit divided by the total investment multiplied by 100.


this is the number of times that a company’s content was delivered to someone’s feed. (in this case, if the same person sees it multiple times, it counts it as many times as the number of times they saw it)


this is the likes, shares, comments and sometimes clicks. It pretty much measures the number of times a person interacted with your post.

Engagement rate:

this is the % of a brand’s audience that interacted with their content. (The calculation for this metric would be the number of engagements x  total reach).


this counts the number of people who have followed or liked your brand’s social media profile.


this counts the number of people that clicked on your post.

URL click:

this is how many times the person clicked on your CTA URL.

Cost per thousand or CPM:

this measures how much it costed you to reach 1,000 people.

CTA or Call to Action:

this refers to the part of your post that entices your audience to take action towards your end goal, like “Redeem Now”, “Register Today”, “Send me Coupon Now” etc.

There you have it, these are some of the most common metrics used in social media marketing.

Understanding what they mean and how to read them will allow you to get a better picture of which content is performing best or worst, that way you can customize your approach for more successful future content.

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Author – Pamy Vee