Mindset &E.I.

by Pamy Vee

Ready to unlock your personal power and discover the tools necessary to make your life extraordinary?

Betting on yourself is the best chance you can take in life!

Ever felt like life just keeps happening to you and you have no control anymore?

Desperate for change?

I’ve always felt like there was one missing secret ingredient that would finally get me where I wanted to be in life, and I was right! Ever since then, my life completely changed!

There is no need to settle, you CAN live the life of your dreams!

You want Freedom. Clarity. Energy. Purpose.

And you CAN get that! As a matter of fact, you DESERVE IT!
…and I am here to show you HOW that this can be a reality for YOU!


“I’ ve tried everything already, maybe it just isn ’t in the cardsfor me, what if I am not capable of better?”

STOP right there...

In order to feel fulfilled and get where you want to be, you absolutely need to get rid of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stagnant.

This is not just a confidence course, this is a course tailored specifically for people who aren’t afraid to take a chance on themselves, who are determined to thrive, and are willing to do what it takes to unleash their full potential.

…and the fact you are even reading this far, makes me feel that just might be you!

I KNOW you are fully capable to do whatever you set your mind to do, and I think you do too deep down.

That is exactly why I created MINDSET E.I., for people like us! Those with drive, a vision, and better standards for themselves,those that are ready to unlock their full potential!

All I do is simply help you FAST TRACK the process by guiding you to figure out what you even want, face your roadblocks/struggles/fears face on, and assist you in creating a strategic action plan to get you where you want to be, so that your dreams can become your reality!

Mindset E.I.

With this course, you will be able to:

  • Transform your mindset and get clear on what you need to do next
  • Skyrocket your confidence to new heights and use it to your advantage
  • Finding the secret to master every area of your life and plan, achieve, and sustain long term success
  • Get concrete, undeniable results with smart and strategic goal planning
  • Manage your time, stress, and relationships with hacks that keep you sharp for what really matters 


Can you imagine how you would FEEL and what would be POSSIBLE for you if you DID achieve all your goals?

I am here to show you, YOU CAN!

For me it is not at all about selling you on all the bells/whistles/freebies/bonuses or what my course can do, it is all about what YOU can do with my course that I can’t wait to see. 

We are now opening up the waitlist, but the spots are limited! 

The best special offers and bonuses are reserved for the ones ready to commit by joining the waitlist early.

Are you ready to be a part of this family?

How do I know if this is even for me?


  • Those who refuse to settle or see themselves as “victims.”
  • High achievers who want to be able to show up authentically and are tired of living with a crippling feeling of imposter syndrome
  • Go-getters who are decisive and ready to take action right NOW to take their life to the next level
  • New entrepreneurs and coaches who care about their clients and students and are willing to invest in bettering themselves because they know it will improve their clients’ lives as well  


  • Those who have NO interest in actually doing what it takes to create a better life.  
  • People who low-key want to be stuck so they can complain and make everyone feel sorry for them.  
  • Those looking for a miracle or immediate gratification  

Have questions?


Need more convincing? We can help!

The choice is yours!

But you don’t have to do it alone!