The Anatomy of Marketing – PART 2 – Metrics

Just like in any business, in order for you to know whether you are in the right path and making progress or not there are certain types of metrics that you could measure that by…

Social media metrics

Ahhhh….metrics…gotta love ‘em!

You’re scratching your head thinking you did everything you possibly could to set up your business, your baby, and now nothing is happening. No sales, appointments, or consultations are heading your direction.

Why? What could possibly be going wrong? Is it the website, the social media, the product itself, the email campaigns? Well, the number one thing to be able to analyze the situation and be able to tell if you are doing a good job or not is to understand and measure your metrics.

In order to know when or how to take corrective action to a setup going horribly wrong, first you need to understand where the problem lies.

In social media, there are many metrics in order for you to know whether or not what you are doing is working.

Today we will be going over a few of the most common ones used in SMM:


this is the number of people that saw your brand’s post on social media.


the number of times a person tags your business on a social media post.

Social media ROI:

this is the measurement of the value you are getting from your SMM campaign. This is the calculation of profit divided by the total investment multiplied by 100.


this is the number of times that a company’s content was delivered to someone’s feed. (in this case, if the same person sees it multiple times, it counts it as many times as the number of times they saw it)


this is the likes, shares, comments and sometimes clicks. It pretty much measures the number of times a person interacted with your post.

Engagement rate:

this is the % of a brand’s audience that interacted with their content. (The calculation for this metric would be the number of engagements x  total reach).


this counts the number of people who have followed or liked your brand’s social media profile.


this counts the number of people that clicked on your post.

URL click:

this is how many times the person clicked on your CTA URL.

Cost per thousand or CPM:

this measures how much it costed you to reach 1,000 people.

CTA or Call to Action:

this refers to the part of your post that entices your audience to take action towards your end goal, like “Redeem Now”, “Register Today”, “Send me Coupon Now” etc.

There you have it, these are some of the most common metrics used in social media marketing.

Understanding what they mean and how to read them will allow you to get a better picture of which content is performing best or worst, that way you can customize your approach for more successful future content.

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Author – Pamy Vee

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