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Wondering what to do after school is over? -Is it supposed to take this long to try finding jobs after college even though you just graduated with a good degree? -Why am I not good enough? -What can I do to stop feeling I feel stuck and left behind? -Why is after college life so hard? Did you ever ask yourself any of these questions? If so, this is for you!

Wondering what to do after school is over?

  • Is it supposed to take this long to try finding jobs after college even though you just graduated with a good degree?
  • Why am I not good enough?
  • What can I do to stop feeling I feel stuck and left behind?
  • Why is after college life so hard?

Did you ever ask yourself any of these questions? If so, this is for you!

Here are 6 Valuable Tips for you to Clarify What to do Once School is Over. Follow These Easy Tips to Skyrocket your Life After College in 2019/2020!

Wondering what to do after school is over? Stop feeling stuck and left behind, and get ready to take action towards achieving goals! 

Stop Wondering What To Do After School Is Over

Tip 1: Find Your Purpose

Find your purpose and apply it to everything you decide to pursue even if you don't exactly know yet what to do after school is over
Find Happiness in Everything You Do

You want to find out what you are already good at and really hone in on your skills! Instead of giving too much attention to something you can eventually delegate to a third party while you focus on what you are good at.

If you can’t make your mind up on something specific, try thinking about some of these things.

  • Send a text to a family member or to a friend and ask; “What am I better than others at doing?”
  • Think about what all your friends come to you for, what advice are they asking you to pitch in on? 
  • If the steps above don’t provide enough clarity for you, you can also take it a step further. You can find other resources online like, for example, taking a quiz on “Clifton strengths”

Tip 2: Clean up Your Life 

What to do after school is over is going to need to be preceded by cleaning up your social media and personal branding online because otherwise it might ruin all the good efforts you are attempting to apply to your life.
How Do You Want Others to Perceive You?

Ask yourself, how do you want to be perceived by others? Make sure you focus your attention on your personal branding, not just online but in person as well.

Start by doing a social media clean up, work your way through all of your online presence. Next, make sure to remove toxic people in your life that might be holding you back from achieving goals.

Tip 3: Expectations vs Reality

Since everything up until now has been structured for you by either your family or professors; realize that learning time management is essential to your success.

You are now in charge of making your own; “syllabus”, “rules”, and “schedule”. Because if you don’t, more than likely your productivity won’t be at its highest.

Some of the most common myths and misconceptions are:

Expectations vs Reality is that people should automatically know what to do after school is over when really, like anything in life, it is something that needs to be learned.
You Are Right Where You Need to Be
  • Life gets easier after college
  • That you suddenly have your s*** together and that you will live happily ever after.

Turns out reality is a tad different from the fairy tale we have been told; don’t think that you are the only one going through this struggle and fall into post grad depression.

P.S. (If you are already experiencing post grad depression, make sure you follow the blog. Next week I will give you some tips on how to overcome it).

You want to work on your mindset and forget what other people expect of you. Be open to learning and set your own goals.

Try to connect with like-minded people and learn how to stop comparing yourself to others because it won’t help you.

If you found a job: Don’t be shy, ask questions, be open-minded, absorb new info, and rebuild your reputation. 

No one knows you and no one is keeping tabs on you. So make sure to keep in your own lane and not get discouraged if you have to re-earn everyone’s respect since you are in a different environment.

Tip 4: Get Disciplined With Your Finances 

Taking care of your finances is essential mainly while you are in limbo trying to figure out what to do after school is over because otherwise it is easy to fall into debt faster than you'd imagine.
Ask; Is This Worth Spending On?

It is essential that you gain control over spending, mainly if you are in between graduation and finding a job. After school is over it is crucial to come up with a gameplan before your student loans come due (if you have any).

Don’t waste money if you can save it. Learn how to cook at home, before you buy anything, ask yourself if it is a necessity and of extreme value to you. If you can wait, don’t buy it, pick and choose what is worth spending your money on.

Tip 5: Get a Structured Routine And Figure Out How To Still Keep Productive After School Is Over

Get organized, have a structured schedule, and even time block your day for specific tasks.

Tip 6: Go the Extra Mile on Your Resume

Make sure you optimize your resume and tailor it per each job. Try to include specific keywords that can be picked up by the software that filters it if it is not a person to read it.

How Will You Stand Out?

If possible, keep it results-oriented and to the point. If you don’t have work experience just include an internship or volunteer opportunity you might have participated in. 

Also, remember to line up your references, and let them know prior to giving out their name and number; that way they will be ready to portray you in the best way possible.

You Got This!

Now that you know the main key points on what to do after graduation, you are probably wondering HOW to put some of these tips in action. 

Don’t worry, because next week we will dig deeper and I will share a few steps by step tips on how to shift your mindset and set yourself up for success in order to avoid post grad depression

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